CorMan Technical Services is a specialist Electrical & Instrumentation contracting company whose aim is to deliver excellence in every aspect of our E&I engineering, commissioning, maintenance and Atex services. We provide a comprehensive, cost effective service which can run independently or integrate seamlessly into your company’s maintenance team. We are committed to delivering our projects and services safely, within budget, to specification and on schedule.

At CorMan we pride ourselves on our ability to meet our customers specific needs. Perhaps like our current clients you would like to implement an ongoing electrical instrumentation service agreement, or maybe a support on demand arrangement better suits your company requirements, either way we would be delighted to speak to you to create a bespoke package to meet your company’s needs.

Electrical Services
Instrumentation & Control
Atex Services
Energy Management & Projects
Commissioning Services
24/7 On Call Service

Electrical Services

Our Electrical Services Include:

  • Hazardous Area (ATEX) Installations and Inspections
  • Circuit Design, Cable sizing, Procurement and Installation of Power and Control Circuits
  • Maintenance, Inspection, Testing and Commissioning & Handover packs
  • Motor Maintenance
  • Thermographic Surveys
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • General & Emergency Lighting Systems
  • Fibre Optic & Structured Cabling
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Earthing Systems & Grids & Lightning Protection
  • Fault Finding and Repairs on all types of Electrical Systems
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out

Call us now to discuss any of our listed services and find out more about additional services we provide.

Instrumentation & Control Services

Our Instrumentation & Control Services include:

  • Design, Specification, Supply and Installation of all types of Instrumentation
  • Calibration, Bench Testing, Loop checking
  • Maintenance, Inspection, Testing, Commissioning & Handover packs
  • Set up and Management of Internal & External Calibration Programs
  • Hazardous Area (ATEX) Installations and Inspections
  • Control valves
  • PLCs, DCS & SCADA Systems

Call us now to discuss any of our listed services and find out more about additional services we provide.

Atex Services

Working in the world of potentially explosive atmospheres is a demanding challenge. Meeting health and safety obligations, keeping up to date with the requirements of international standards and ensuring the safety of personnel, plant and equipment can seem a daunting task.

We fully understand that not all companies have the required in-house expertise to carry out Ex equipment inspections and many such companies need assistance in the management of their sites hazardous area equipment to ensure compliance with the Atex directives is being met. We at CorMan can work with you to strengthen your plants knowledge base, understanding and compliance with the Atex directives and international standards ensuring your company meets its obligations in achieving and indeed maintaining compliance. We provide tailored specialist Installation, Inspection, Verification and Maintenance of hazardous area systems and equipment.

We can assist in the design, selection, installation, inspection and follow on maintenance of hazardous area installations for your company. CorMan invests heavily in our staff who are diligent, competent and certified under either the Compex or IECEx schemes. All training is recorded in our training database and our people undergo refresher training and re-certification on a regular basis.

Incorrect selection of electrical equipment, materials, glands and instrumentation can prove a costly and potentially dangerous exercise. Have confidence in knowing that when you work with us your equipment selection, suitability, verification, installation and commissioning will be appropriate for the hazardous area in which your equipment is being installed.

If you would like to work with a company you can trust to install, inspect and maintain your Ex equipment then please call us now so we can discuss our services further.

Our Atex Services Include:

  • Ex equipment installations to international industry standards (IEC 60079-14)
  • Independent inspection and verification of both existing and new Ex installations to international industry standards (IEC 60079-17)
  • Selection and approval of suitable Atex equipment and Instrumentation for installation in your plant
  • Working with you to compile the site Atex Verification Dossier
  • Compiling Ex equipment registers and databases
  • Explosion protection document (EPD)
  • Descriptive System Documents (DSD)
  • Hazardous Area Classification

Energy Management & Projects

At CorMan we are experienced in measuring, quantifying and understanding site energy costs across a broad range of utilities. From electricity to gas, steam to compressed air we have been involved in many energy reduction programs and projects which have helped our clients reduce their running costs and carbon footprint.

We understand that it can be difficult to quantify the benefits of an energy reduction program or project and so we will work with you to provide return on investment figures, payback periods and give guidance on how to source funding for making energy efficiency a part of your company’s ethos.

We believe that we can help your company reduce operating costs by implementing the correct energy saving project and management system.

Contact CorMan today and let’s work together to assess any potential energy saving opportunity at your facility. Let us help you take control of your energy use, reduce avoidable losses and create a more efficient and cost-effective plant.

Commissioning Services

At CorMan we believe that putting all equipment, machinery and instrumentation into service should be done so in a safe and efficient manner and that all equipment should be inspected, commissioned and verified to ensure it is in a ready state to be handed over for operation.

We provide a quality commissioning service complete with comprehensive inspection and testing and furnished with full documentation and hand-over packages.

Our Commissioning Services Include:

  • Instrument Loop Checking
  • Bench Testing and On-Site Calibration of Instrumentation
  • Electrical Installation Testing
  • Motor Testing and Motor Control Testing
  • Atex Initial Detailed Inspections
  • Plant and Utilities Start-Up
  • Full Hand-Over and Associated Documentation Packages

24/7 On Call Service

At CorMan Technical Services we fully understand the importance of having our technical expertise available to our clients at all times. We have vast experience in plant and facility maintenance and are fully appreciative that equipment breakdown can occur at any time of day or night. We are acutely aware that being capable of restoring plant and equipment to full operability in a safe and timely manner is crucial to our customers’ needs. Our track record in identifying and rectifying equipment faults is exceptional which gives our clients the confidence that any unforeseen downtime at their facility will be kept to an absolute minimum.

CorMan offers a 24/7 on call and emergency call out service to all of our customers. We guarantee all calls will be responded to promptly and all call outs are charged at our very competitive rates.